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Treating the Complex Patient 2012 and 2013

These 2 online video seminars, approximately 4 hours long each, will teach the physician a simple to apply, effective protocol to treat patients with.

The New 2013 Online Video Seminar Presented at the ICAK-USA Meeting  Reviews:

  • 1-Introduction to AK Testing for Microbes
  • 2-Basic Protocol Demonstration
  • 3-Desensitization Protocol Demonstration
  • 4-How to Test Remedies Protocol Demonstration
  • 5-My Story of Being Sick
  • 6-Lymes
  • 7-Biofilms - The Problem Testing and Solutions
  • 8-Coagulation Double Vial Demonstration - Finding Hidden Infections that AK usually misses
  • 9-Tough Bugs,Rhythm,Remedies,Home Testing
  • 10-Coagulation Combination Demonstration
  • 11-Symptomatic Premenopausal Case Demonstration - Another way  to pick up hidden infections
  • 12-Where does Lymes Come From, Case Discussions
  • 13-Workshopping Questions
  • 14-Mycotoxins and Demonstration - New Ways to Find This
  • 15-Chemical, Metals and Mold Exposure Demonstration - New Techniques Finds Them Much More Frequently
  • 16-Hypothyroid Discussion
  • 17-Biomagnetic Scanner on Neurolymphatics
  • 18-Nutrient Testing
  • 19-Hypercoagulation
  • 20-Food Testing

The 2012 Online Video Seminar Reviews:

  • 1-Chronic Fatigue
  • 2-Allergies
  • 3-Chemical Sensitivities
  • 4-Intestinal Dysbiosis(fungal,bacterial,parasitic,spirochete,and viral infections)
  • 5-Food Sensitivities
  • 6-Food Toxin Intolerance
  • 7-Hypercoagulation Problems
  • 8-Toxic Metal Issues
  • 9-Endocrine Dysfunction
  • 10-Nutritional Imbalances
  • 11-Chronic Pain and Subluxations
  • 12-Fibromyalgia

Knowledge of basic muscle testing is helpful. This presentation is suited for both the novice and the advanced practitioners in our work and is much updated from our last one.

The online video can be watched on your computer, or any tablet like the ipad, or smart phone like the iphone or android. The videos are streamed and are not downloadable.


A complete set of advanced notes are included that can be downloaded.

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Treating the Complex Patient 2013

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Treating the Complex Patient 2012

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